SysUsage v5.5 available for download. Saturday Febuary 11 2017

This release fixes several issues that was reported during the last year. It also adds some new features:

  * Add new report on Active/Inactive/Dirty memory.
  * Add report/monitoring of task number blocked waiting for I/O
  * Add report on huges pages utilisation.
  * Add monitoring/report for fan speed reported by sar.
  * Allow report and alarm on device temperature reported by sar.
  * Add GROUP section to be able to classify remote hosts on the index page following their group.

Here are the other changes:

  - Remove .pl extension in messages and documentation. Thanks to ak2766 for the report.
  - Update documentation about new type: dirty.
  - Update documentation about blocked report type
  - All sensors monitoring have been commented by default in the configuration file.
  - Remove extra space on hugepages labels

SysUsage v5.4 available for download. Wednesday January 07 2015

This release fixes several issues that was reported during the last two years. It adds some new features:

  • A new -C option to generate reports for all CPU only instead of per CPU.
  • charts are now drawn in separate HTML pages and loaded into an iframe.

Here is the complete list of changes:

    - Use jqplot library by default in crontab example.   
    - Update copyright year.
    - Add multi:no into configuration file to default samples plugins.
    - Fix not working exclusion of mount point from the disk monitoring
      type. Thanks to Hofmann Gerhard for the patch.
    - Fix sysusagegraph and sysusagejqgraph that fail if "ssh.log" file
      is left in data repository. Thanks to Frank Crawford fot the patch.
    - Add -C option to sysusagegraph and sysusagejqgraph to generate
      reports for all CPU only and not per CPU.
    - Fix parseSarOutput() with output of new sar versions.
    - Fix illegal division by zero on I/O workload reports where read and
      writes were zero for the measurement period. Thanks to Frank Crawford
      for the patch.
    - Add support of plugins with "multi" type: when one plugin returns
      list of several monitored values at all. Useful for something like
      df monitoring -- when it returns all filesystems. Thanks to Anton
      Fedorov for the patch.
    - day/week/month/year charts are now draw in separate HTML pages and
      loaded into an iframe to avoid waiting for data load into a huge
      single page. Feature requested by Steve Bremer.
    - Change to only used jqplot *.min.js
    - Update jqplot library to version 1.0.3r1118

UPGRADE: just override your current installation backward compatibility is fully preserved.

SysUsage v5.3 available for download. Wednesday April 04 2012

This release adds better rendering of graphs legend and support to the storage of decimal numbers for better precision. Some bugs are fixed.

SysUsage development code is now hosted on GitHub. Get it here:

SysUsage v5.2 available for download. Sunday March 11 2012

This release adds current/max/average values on jqplot graphs legend.

SysUsage v5.1 is out. Sunday March 04 2012

Bugfix release with an additional 'cpuall' configuration directive to limit statistics report on global cpu usage instead of a report for each cpu.

SysUsage v5.0 available for download. Friday November 25 2011

This is a new major version that allow SysUsage to be run in a central place to collect and graph statistics from multiple remote servers. An other new feature is the possibility to delay alarm after a given number of attempts.

If you plan to use this new feature and want to recover your old data/graph, please take a look at Upgrade from 4.0 to 5.0 on a central server.

Demo Site is down. Thuesday August 25 2011

The historical sponsor of the demo site (Groupe SAMSE) has choosen to not renew the hosting support. I've replaced the link by a local static demo site based on the old release v3.2. If you want you can help this project by offering a link to a dynamic demo site with all reports, of course the name of your company can appears.

SysUsage v4.0 has been published. Sunday Febuary 13 2011

This major release adds support of the Javascript client JQPlot Plotting library, it also include tabs and zoom views. JqPlot is a powerfull plotting and charting plugin for the jQuery Javascript framework. To enable it just use sysusagejqgraph instead of sysusagegraph. Here is a screenshot of the new graph design:

As it is fully compatible with data files of old releases, you can test it without any problem.

SysUsage v3.3 has been published. Friday July 30 2010

Add monitoring of I/O workload and maximum disk throughput per device to help finding where a I/O bottleneck can occur. Allow multiple recipient for alarm report. Alarm on high memory load is know calculated in percentage of real memory used, i-e: without cache and buffer memory usage. See ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

SysUsage v3.2 is out. Monday Febuary 01 2010

This release fix a bug in workload notification and add the new 'menu' configuration directive in the PLUGIN section to allow classification of plugins under submenus.

SysUsage talk on SourceForge. Friday January 22 2010

Thanks to Lee Schlesinger from who add project highlight for SysUsage on the SF community blog.
You can read it here: Monitor your servers with SysUsage.

SysUsage v3.1 is out. Sunday January 17 2010

This release include the excellent work of Marat Dyatko on new web design as well some pending bugs fix. There's 2 new configuration options HIRES and LINE_SIZE, take a look to the ChangeLog file and documentation for more.

SysUsage site review. Saturday January 16 2010

This is a complete rewrite of the web site and the SysUsage program interface. All my recognition goes to Marat Dyatko who help us to have a more professional look, thanks a lot Marat. I hope you will love this new design.

How to enable flaming in sysusage graphs ? Thuesday December 31 2009

Just edit your sysusage.cfg file and in the GENERAL section add the following:

You will have random color flaming effect on your graphs with one dataset.

SysUsage v3.0 released (stable version). Monday December 14 2009

This release is a major code rewriting and features addons. It also include better support to major Linux distribution with RPM, SlackBuild and Debian packaging support. To see all changes take a look at Changelog and the Features menu link.

New SysUsage site. Friday December 11 2009

First release of the SysUsage Web site. Well I finally found some time to play with Vi my favorite editor and rewrite all documentation as POD. If your are kind enought to send me comment be sure that this will be very appreciated.

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